Africana DHi 2019

Digital Humanities in Black

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Week 1: Know


History of Digital Africana Studies

What does it mean to study African people, histories and cultures in the digital? What unique tools does it require? In the first week the program focuses on exposure to foundational digital research skills and situates such skills in the history of Digital Africana Studies. Through our reading list we ask participates to consider an approach to digital use and the study of black bodies in the digital centered on historical patterns of technology use among African diasporic peoples. 

Week 2: Connect


Data + Tools + Platforms

The second week provides an introduction to popular tools for both data collection and analysis. Our primary focus will be on examining several existing projects and data tools useful in moving participants through the process of collecting, cleaning, and structuring humanities data and sources and finding appropriate tools and platforms to analyze, visualize, share, and publish the data and analysis. 

Week 3: Communicate


Data Sharing Tools

This week focuses on setting up an online exhibit of your project. Participants are guided through common mistakes and issues in connecting with an audience and other curatorial challenges. They are also introduced to useful tools and resources beyond Africana DHi 2019 to continue their work. 


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